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Massive eruption of volcano in Caribbean (St. Vincent)

There has been a massive eruption on the island of St. Vincent of the Soufriere Volcano, visible from space from the GOES East satellite … Here is an animation starting at 6:50am with frames every 10 minutes, through 9:30am … Evacuations were underway at the time of the eruption. The La Soufrière is rather notorious, … Continue reading

Cyclone Seroja causes destruction in Timor, Indonesia

A weak but strengthening disturbance has been doing a slow loop just south of eastern islands of Indonesia and East Timor. It has dumped epic amounts of rain over the region, causing tremendous flooding. Thirty thousand have been evacuated, and while 97 deaths have been reported as of this morning that number will undoubtedly be … Continue reading

Tornado outbreak expected today in mid-south

Some severe weather is expected in the US this afternoon – here is the warning graphic from the US Weather Prediction Center (WPC): An active and dangerous day of weather is set to unfold across theMid-South today, highlighted by a High Risk of severe weather issued bythe Storm Prediction Center. The primary weather driver of … Continue reading

Live feed of #Iceland #Volcano from RUV

Here is a link to a live camera view of Fagradalsfjall, provided by RUV TV. This morning (Sunday 21 March) there have been some pretty lava fountains … And here’s a link to some photos I took in that area in 2019, including a trip we took inside a cinder cone (scroll down for the … Continue reading

Big #earthquake in #Japan

There has been a significant earthquake just off the coast of Japan, Magnitude 7.0 at a depth of 54 km, at 6:09pm Saturday Tokyo time (5:09am US East Coast time). A tsunami has been generated, early reports are it is small though … on the order of 1 meter (3.28 ft) or so. The initial … Continue reading

#Severeweather risk to Coastal #Georgia, SC today …

The storm system that has already spawned tornadoes across the south continues to sweep eastward this morning … Inland areas of Georgia are likely to see strong thunderstorms today, with the potential for more tornadoes. It’s going to be a busy weather day. But, being self centered, what about the coast? TLDR: be prepared, hopefully … Continue reading

How dangerous is COVID? How about the COVID Vaccines?

We’re starting to get enough data to draw some conclusions. TLDR: COVID is dangerous – 4.5 times more deadly than the 2017 Influenza strain, which was a bad one. With the caveat that the long term studies are still underway for a lot of at-risk populations, COVID itself is about 215 times more deadly than … Continue reading

Sources of Information

People often ask me where to find good information on various topics. Here are some thoughts on various sources of “news”, and a bit about how I assimilate and interpret them. Be aware that a couple of these sources are blocked by the social media watchdogs so you won’t find some links here – you’ll … Continue reading

Seasonal #Hurricane #Forecasts and ENSO

Like a bad remake of Groundhog Day, it’s that time of year when the various research groups emerge from their ivy covered lairs and issue forecasts for the upcoming Atlantic Hurricane season. I used to play that game, with the annual press conferences, media interviews, and associated tabulation of number of articles and citations to … Continue reading

Doomwatch for Sunday, 7 March 2021

Busy global map this morning … lots of earthquakes, four tropical systems … Zooming in to just off shore from New Zealand, with hundreds of earthquakes along the Kermadec Trench boundary between the Pacific and Australia plates, just off the coast of New Zealand. Three of these were over magnitude seven, one being a magnitude … Continue reading


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