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Major M7.5 earthquake in Peru

There was a major earthquake in Peru this morning (Sunday, about 5:52am ET). Fortunately it was in a sparsely populated area, and was at least 100km deep, which seems to have limited the damage. Economic impact estimates are all below $50 Million, the mean of the TAOS/EQ models is $4.4 Million with many of the … Continue reading

More pandemic deaths in 2020 than 2021?

So if you’ve been watching the news over the last few days you’ve seen a rash of headlines along the lines of “US COVID-19 deaths in 2021 surpass last year’s toll” (The Hill). Is that true? Let’s see what Dr. House has to say … Even some basic common sense shows comparing year-to-date numbers for … Continue reading

Lunar Eclipse early tomorrow morning

Just a reminder that there is an almost total eclipse in the morning. How almost? 99.1%! so the moon should be a deep copper or red color about 4am Eastern Time. It is a slow motion event. The moon will start to seem get a dark bite out of it around 2am, half will be … Continue reading

Surprise! Another day of flooding for coastal GA/SC

I didn’t bother to check the updates this morning, but it looks like the high tide this morning was actually higher than yesterday, and busted in to the top 5 records at 10.45 feet (preliminary). That flooded US 80 (the road to Tybee). NWS/Charleston also got caught a bit off guard (although they did still … Continue reading

Tides on the way out in Savannah …

Although water levels are still high, at least they are dropping, and it’s starting to look like the peak this morning wasn’t as high as forecast yesterday … still some flooding in the usual places. Here’s the data as of 11:30am (red) and the expected “no wind” tide in blue. The preliminary peak of 9.8 … Continue reading

Tropical Storm #Wanda and what it says about #climate

The storm system that pounded the Northeastern US last week has wandered out in to the mid Atlantic, and over the weekend became detached enough from surrounding fronts and weather, and tropical enough, for the National Hurricane Center to start tracking it as a tropical system. It’s definitely a fish storm; here’s the impact swath: … Continue reading

Why #climate change isn’t the problem.

With the COP26 meetings starting today, lots of angst will be generated about the state of Earth’s climate system and human impacts. Although this post talks a lot about climate, it may surprise you that at this point I’m not really “worried” about it; like the pandemic, at this point I’m much more worried about … Continue reading

Severe weather potential in coastal GA/SC

There is a messy storm system crossing the US, and it is reaching the Georgia/South Carolina coast this afternoon. Here’s the 8am radar, and a tornado warning in the BigBend of Florida … As has been the case with these things lately, the focus of the potential for the most severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes … Continue reading


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