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TC/EQ Update Tue 22 June

The US NHC has stopped advisories on Claudette as it no longer has a closed circulation (one of the requirements to be a tropical cyclone). The remains will continue to the northeast just off the coast of Nova Scotia and Vinland (Newfoundland) today, producing gusty winds and rain but shouldn’t be dangerous with some common … Continue reading

Claudette, Dolores Updates

Tropical Storm Claudette is a Tropical Storm again, strengthening as it exits the North Carolina coast this morning with gusty winds and rain. It caused only scattered damage across the Southeast, but sadly a number of fatalities in road accidents, and two caused by a falling tree. Here is the damage swath (past and forecast) … Continue reading

Tropical Depression Claudette (Sunday Update)

Claudette is now moving into North Goergia, on its way to the Carolinas and offshore. Here’s the 7am radar and GFS model overlay to give you an idea of the structure of the storm … The latest forecast shows it hanging together and starting to strengthen later today before it moves offshore. That’s not terribly … Continue reading

#Claudette makes landfall

The system formerly known as Potential Tropical Cyclone Three got organized and tropical enough just before landfall (which happened this morning around 2am) for the National Hurricane Center to name it. Here’s the radar composite as of 6am ET: The biggest story for the next few days is rain. Here is the HPC seven day … Continue reading

Tropical Storm Dolores; Gulf PTC

The storm churning the fetid waters of the Gulf of Mexico is still trying to organize this morning, and the NHC forecast didn’t really change at 11am Friday (a reminder for those following on social media, always be sure to check the times of posts; platforms like Facebook usually don’t show you things in chronological … Continue reading

PTC Three to make “landfall” early Saturday in #Louisiana

The forecast for Potential Tropical Cyclone Three (AL032021) hasn’t changed much since yesterday. The large, disorganized system doesn’t look like much this morning, with no clear center of circulation, although it is somewhat better than yesterday. Winds are up a bit to just below tropical storm strength. The center seems to be forming just to … Continue reading

Potential Tropical Cyclone #Three

The National Hurricane Center has started advisories on Potential Tropical Cyclone Three (AL032021). It’s a very large system, and while it may get more organized as it approaches the northern Gulf of Mexico, this isn’t really a traditional hurricane threat. There may be tropical storm force conditions right on the coast, but the big worry … Continue reading

The Thing In The #Gulf

The broad area of disturbed weather in the Bay of Campeche continues to be a broad area of disturbed weather in the Bay of Campeche. It should begin to move more decisively northward today, and NHC rates it as a 90% chance of becoming a tropical depression or tropical storm later today or tomorrow. The … Continue reading

Watching the #GulfofMexico

As of Wed. morning, the US National Hurricane Center has a disturbance in the Gulf tagged with a high chance of becoming a tropical depression or greater in the next five days – 90% as of the 8am ET update – then moving north into the Texas coast, spreading heavy rain across Texas, Louisiana, and … Continue reading


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