About Enki …

What is now Enki Holdings, LLC, began as Watson Technical Consulting (WTC). WTC conducted cutting edge research and product development in the areas of remote sensing and numerical modeling, especially as applied to the fields of environmental monitoring, emergency management, and hazard planning, as well as working on various government contracts.  In 2003 WTC spun off Kinetic Analysis Corporation to commercialize the various technologies created by WTC.  As of mid 2013, the Watson Technical Consulting name and internet domains were retired and a new company, Enki Holdings, LLC, created to encompass the various activities formerly conducted by WTC as well as initiating new projects.

Several factors prompted the change from Watson Technical Consulting to Enki.  First, after 9/11, the acronym “WTC” took on a new and somber meaning.  Not realizing that WTC predated those events by over 15 years, given the work in disaster planning some believed our acronym was some kind of attempt to capitalize on those tragic events.  Second, the original domain names were a contraction from “meteorological hazards” (methaz.com/org/net).  In 1990, the drug “meth” was virtually unknown, however, by the mid-2000’s it had become a household word, and there have been instances where the “methaz” domain and emails have been blocked by overzealous filters thinking “meth” plus “AZ” was some kind of reference to a certain “Bad” TV show.  Finally, WTC had evolved from doing direct commercial work into more diverse activities, especially supporting Non-Governmental Organizations and humanitarian social ventures. Administratively, Enki Operations concentrated on more commercial work, while Enki Research was geared more towards public outreach and research.

Today, Enki Holdings is concentrating on public outreach and independent projects to support building communities that are more resilient to disasters of all kinds – natural and anthropogenic, including geopolitical risks. If you are interested in applications, especially in the area of natural hazards, please contact Kinetic Analysis Corporation.

This blog is primarily a place where the Enki Director of R&D (and owner of the company) can discuss ongoing natural and anthropogenic disasters, as well as some of his experiences “on government service” and the role of science in the decision making process.

About the names and logo . . . Enki was a god in Sumerian mythology.  The Akkadian cuneiform characters for “enki” are used as the logo.  We use the names of Hittite, Sumerian, and other words from the Akkadian language as names for our computer models and techniques mainly because it’s cool, and very few people outside the rather narrow field of ancient Mesopotamian Archeology can pronounce them.

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