Update on Hurricane #Fiona and #PuertoRico (Sunday 18 Sept 2pm ET)

Hurricane Fiona is making landfall on southwestern Puerto Rico this afternoon. An eye is trying to form, clearly visible on radar. Here is the visual GOES image with the San Juan radar overlay …

click to enlarge.

Radar indicated rain totals are over 8″ since midnight along the southward facing slopes of the island, and sustained winds in Ponce are at 70mph. The economic impact estimate has risen to just under $2 Billion, but as cautioned in previous posts the fragile electrical grid is going to be the key point of failure that will determine how much suffering this storm ultimately causes. Half of the island’s population is already without power as of 2pm.

No significant change to the forecast track although NHC bumped up the intensity at 11am; not likely to be a threat to the US.

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