Thing in the Gulf, First Webb Images

There is an area in the northern Gulf of Mexico being watched by the National Hurricane Center. If you like watching paint dry, you can too, otherwise, by far the most likely outcome is heavy rain along the Gulf Coast. Elsewhere, the only actual storm is Hurricane Darby, about halfway between Baja and Hawai’i. So you can relax and enjoy the first Webb Space Telescope images. As good as the Hubble images were, Webb is an order of magnitude better. Here is a comparison of galaxies seen in the first public image released yesterday:

Webb (left), HST (right)

To make this even more incredible, the HST images are from a 10 day (240 hour) exposure. The Webb images are from only a 12 hour exposure! More images are coming this morning … this is an amazing view of the early universe, and Webb should provide fertile ground for advances in many areas of astronomy and astrophysics.

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