#Bonnie still going …

Bonnie is still a tropical storm, an incredible 6,800 miles from where it started off the coast of Africa. Before finally dissipating it may well have traveled 7,650 miles from it’s origin. That’s more than 1/3 the way around the earth. It’s very close to the all time record (Hurricane Faith, which traveled over 7800 miles).

Only twenty storms are recognized as “crossing over” from Atlantic to Pacific. Bonnie is one of only three storms to cross from the Atlantic to the Pacific and become a major hurricane. While we have to note the records and near records, we shouldn’t forget the death and destruction it caused in Nicaragua as a tropical storm, killing at least three.

Bonnie probably won’t make it to Hawai’i or the Central Pacific hurricane warning area (which starts at 140 degrees east longitude), but it might get close. The forecast is for the storm to fade out just before reaching that point. But any way you look at it, that’s quite a ride.

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