#Colin Collapses, #Bonnie Builds, Typhoon Chaba hits China

The briefly lived (if it every really existed) Tropical Storm Colin has completely dissipated. Looking at the NWS Local Storm Reports this morning, it didn’t seem to have any onshore impact; all of the reports were associated with an approaching front, not Colin …

Colin swath and Weather Service local storm reports.

Bonnie, the Atlantic storm that hit Nicaragua, is now an East Pacific storm and still causing a risk of flash floods and mudslides as it moves further from shore. It is forecast to become a hurricane tomorrow as in parallels the coast of Mexico, carrying the risk of rain northward with it before turning out to sea south of Baja.

Bonnie swath

Finally, Typhoon Chaba hit southern China yesterday. Twenty seven are missing from a ship offshore that split in two, only three rescued so far and not much hope for the rest. Southern China has seen a lot of rain over the last few months and most rivers were already full; this storm won’t help and widespread flooding is expected. Estimated economic impacts on the 31 Million people in the tropical storm damage swath are probably approaching $2 Billion USD.

The only other activity in the tropics is Tropical Storm Aere, which is decaying as it heads towards Japan. Shouldn’t be anything other than a rain and gusty wind event.

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