Major earthquake offshore from #Japan, #Fukushima risk

A 7.3 EQ has hit just offshore Japan, with reports coming in on damage and a possible tsunami. The warnings are for the tsunami to be on the order of one meter. Here is the ground motion estimate …

click to embiggen.

The scary thing is the risk to all those rusting tanks of radioactive water that have been accumulating since 2011 from the damaged reactor at Fukushima that nobody seems to know what to do with. It’s a lot – over a million tons of the stuff in well over 1000 tanks. There are controversial plans underway to slowly release it into the ocean after additional treatment.

Hopefully none of these ruptured in the shaking.

More later as things become clearer. Impact models are all over the place, mostly under a Billion USD but a couple of the 50 options came in between $1 and $3 Billion and the highest (that also had a more significant tsunami) spiked over $5 Billion.

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