Southeast #Snow Update

First, a reminder: WINTER STORMS DON”T HAVE NAMES! There is a note on this below; please click to experience the full ranty goodness. TLDR: a normal winter storm is moving through the south, it’s not a terrible one, but could produce snow (nice) and ice hazards (not nice) in a few places. Here is how things look about 7:12am this morning … on the left is the radar intensity, on the right is the surface precipitation type:

Click to embiggen.

Notice the “warm nose” poking into North Georgia, and the dry slot (the area in the middle where it isn’t raining much). As the storm moves east today these will wrap around. Some areas in SC that are getting snow now will have it change back over to freezing rain/sleet or just rain. Atlanta is still in the rain band, will likely switch over to freezing mix today. This is setting up for a mess in the morning, and you will start to see advisories and warnings about black ice in a band running along and north of I-20 for in the morning that will include Atlanta, Columbia, etc. Fortunately it’s a work holiday for many people, but if you are traveling check the advisories and be careful. People in the South don’t know how to drive. In winter either. 😛

I also need to rant, as I do every year, that WINTER STORMS DO NOT HAVE OFFICIAL NAMES!  There is a certain “weather channel”, who shall go unnamed as well, which started to give winter storms names as a marketing ploy to engage (eg scare) people and try to keep the hurricane hype going into the off season.  A note to journalists: The AP Stylebook guidelines say don’t do it.:

  Major storm names provided by government weather agencies, the European Union or the World Meteorological Organization are acceptable. Do not use names created by private weather agencies or other organizations.

It’s a gimmick. Research shows it doesn’t help preparedness (and may actually harm it). Please don’t contribute to hyping normal weather; save it for the truly dangerous stuff.

2 thoughts on “Southeast #Snow Update

  1. Ditto the above message ! Having lived in Atlanta for years, I really appreciated this and the previous post re snow in this area. It is snowing in Athens, GA—has been for hours & is beginning to leave a coating on the grass—-lots more on trees & bushes. Black ice tomorrow !


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