#Pamela not as strong as expected at landfall in #Mexico; #China storm; #Crete earthquake

Hurricane (barely) Pamela is making landfall this morning on the coast of Mexico, with peak impacts forecast to be near Mazatlan. The rapid intensification to category three never materialized – the storm barely made hurricane force – but is still likely to cause significant impacts:

Tropical Storm Kompasu is also making landfall in China as a strong tropical storm …

And there was an earthquake in Crete yesterday that cause structural damage but no reports of injuries:

The weather looks ok for the Blue Origin “New Shepard” launch of William Shatner this morning.

Otherwise things are relatively quiet. Well, aside from that virus continuing to cause problems, the global supply chain on the verge of collapse, several global hot spots on the verge of exploding in to open war. You know, the usual stuff … 😦

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