Atlantic update, #Shaheen aftermath in #Oman,

There are two live storms in the Atlantic, both fading out. The National Hurricane Center also has a disturbance they are watching, but only with a 20% chance of gaining tropical characteristics. Here’s this morning’s analysis from TAFB:

Click to embiggen.

The disturbance is associated with the tropical wave (noted in red above). Conditions aren’t especially favorable for tropical storm formation, although GFS shows a nor’easter like low pressure system spinning up and impacted the northeast in eight or ten days. Nothing to get excited about yet.

Cyclone Shaheen is dissipating inland over the Arabian Peninsula, having caused a significant amount of death and destruction across Oman (link to Times of Oman reporting). There were also impacts in Iran as it side-swiped their southern coast. Landfall in Oman was weaker and further south than it looked Saturday, and impacts to the oil and gas infrastructure do not seem to be significant at this point other than delays in tanker traffic. Still, economic impacts of $500 million to $1 Billion are possible, and a number of deaths (twelve as of 6am this morning) have been reported.

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