Tropical Storm #Peter, Tropical Depression Seventeen

Tropical Storm Peter and Tropical Depression Seventeen formed overnight according to NHC. Neither are a threat to land and no watches/warnings are up, although the fringes of Peter might cause some rain on the northern Leeward Islands, and perhaps as far west as Puerto Rico. Neither is forecast to become a hurricane. Here’s the swath of doom; click to embiggen as usual …

NHC expects Tropical Depression 17 to become a tropical storm later today. If so it will get the name “Rose.” There isn’t a “Q” name, even though there are girls names starting with a “Q”. The reason there isn’t a Q (or “U,” “X,” “Y,” or “Z”) is that the thinking by the WMO committee is there aren’t enough distinct names for rotation (there have to be at least six, plus you need to have some in reserve in case one gets retired). I think naming storms is a bad idea to start with (and there is science to back up that view), but we’re stuck with it.

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