#Nicholas hits #Texas, #Chanthu blocks #Shanghai/#Ningbo

NHC upgraded Nicholas to a hurricane just before landfall, based on an isolated hurricane wind report. In reality that’s just a technicality, the impacts were that of a strong tropical storm, and the major threat continues to be inland rain and flooding. In the Pacific, Typhoon (now tropical storm) Chanthu missed a landfall at Shanghai, but has spent the last day doing a slow “S” turn just offshore from Hangzhou Bay …

modeled Wind Waves off of coast of China; click to embiggen.

This matters a lot because two of the three largest container ports in the world are blocked by the storm: Shanghai, that last year moved over 43 million TEU (Twenty foot Equivalent Units), and Ningbo, that moved almost 29 million TEU. The storm is likely to disrupt traffic for a total of for or five days. The impact on global supply chains is significant – these two ports combined move an amazing 10% of the world’s container units (73 million TEU of the global total of 775 million last year).

Back in the Atlantic, there are a couple of disturbances but none are a threat in the immediate (5 days) future and beyond that, well, there isn’t much skill in forecasting that so don’t worry about it. As a reminder, if the magic words “Interests <somewhere> should <do something>” don’t appear in the hurricane center’s Tropical Weather Outlook, ignore what any sites or media outlets are saying about them.

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