#Nicholas approaching landfall in #Texas; #Louisiana

Nicholas should make landfall tonight on the Texas coast near Matagorda as a strong tropical storm. Here are NHC’s latest Key Messages regarding Tropical Storm Nicholas (en Español: Mensajes Claves). Most of the impacts will be to the right of the storm, over the Houston area, and given the fact the storm will parallel the coast for the next three days this could be a problem for Louisiana into Mississippi as well. Here’s the track and wind swath:

click any image to embiggen.

The rain totals aren’t as high as they have been in some forecasts, but still a risk for flooding across the region given the saturated soils and already high rivers …

So if in areas that are vulnerable to flooding be prepared and watch for rising waters. Elsewhere, NHC is watching two disturbances, neither of which is likely to spin up in the next day or two, but could within five dyas. The one off of Africa is at 80%, but is a long way from anything or anybody, and while it might become a depression in a couple of days or so the long term prospects aren’t clear as of yet. The other is a scary orange blob off the US Southeast coast, but it isn’t expected to make landfall, and should parallel the coast even if something does happen (50% long term chance as of 2pm).

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