Tropical Storm Nicholas

The disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico has gotten organized enough for NHC to start advisories and tracking as Tropical Storm Nicholas. Right now it looks like the Texas coast is in the damage swath and tropical storm warnings are in NHC’s Key Messages regarding Tropical Storm Nicholas (en Español: Mensajes Claves). Here’s my TAOS/TC damage swath estimate:

Click to embiggen.

Like many of the storms this year, rain will likely be the biggest threat, with some of the forecasts showing up to a foot of rain on the Texas/Louisiana coast in the next week:

There are several disturbances in the Atlantic, but not are a worry right now.

In the Pacific, Typhoon Chanthu passed just offshore from Taiwan, limiting damage but nevertheless likely caused under a billion dollars or so in impacts with heavy rains and flooding. Next up is the densely populated region near Shanghai, China, where if it continues as forecast will inflict over $4 Billion in impacts and additional supply chain disruptions, especially since it is expected to slow down and turn right offshore, spending nearly 48 hours over Hangzhou Bay and pummeling ports and delaying shipping. Shanghai is the worlds busiest cargo port, Ningbo is number three …

Needless to say, the real Nicholas isn’t really excited about this as it means the office will be busy and it will detract from his being the center of attention.

Tsar Nicholas the Cat, always the center of attention.

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