Tropical Depression #Mindy, Hurricane #Larry, Typhoon #Chanthu and #Taiwan, #China

The National Hurricane Center started advisories on Tropical Storm Mindy last night. It’s a very minimal storm, mostly a rain event, and a very asymmetric one at that with the heavy rain displaced to the northwest of the storm. Here’s the radar composite at 5:18am this morning …

click to embiggen.

For those in Coastal Georgia and South Carolina, this should be a non-event relatively speaking. Some potential for heavy rain this morning and early afternoon, so you might see some street flooding in the usual places (Savannah has a Waters Avenue for a reason 😛 ). But winds should be light outside of thunderstorms, and the tornado risk is only slightly above normal. Key Messages regarding Tropical Depression Mindy (en Español: Mensajes Claves).

Hurricane Larry is speeding towards Vinland (called by the locals “Newfoundland”) and will be causing high winds, rain, and surf this weekend. Nova Scotia might see gusty winds and rain as well

Elsewhere in the Atlantic, NHC has two disturbances tagged, but neither has the magic words so aren’t worth talking about at the moment.

There are other tropical systems out there. Tropical Storm Olaf will probably become a hurricane this morning and swipe Baja del Sur tonight/tomorrow. In the Pacific tropical storm Conson has passed over the Phillipines and is headed towards Hainan Island and Vietnam, may briefly become a typhoon but should decay before landfall Monday.

Of more concern is Typhoon Chanthu. On the current forecast track it should pass directly over Taiwan, and will be passing just offshore from many major port facilities in China. It may stall just offshore from Shanghai. Current economic impact estimates are over $10 Billion USD on this track, with some as high as $18 Billion. Given the fragility of the world’s supply chains, many of which are dependent on the Taiwanese semiconductor industry, and the major ports in China likely and all of the shipping likely to be disrupted on this track, it isn’t a good situation …

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