THREAT CONDITION “MEH”: possible #tropical system forming in northeastern Gulf of Mexico near #Florida

The system that has been migrating northeast over the last couple of days is organized enough to cause the National Hurricane Center to issue a special advisory and raise the chance of formation to 80% …

Click to embiggen.

The main threat from AL91 (which would become Tropical Depression 13 and, if strong enough or somebody gets out and pushes, Tropical Storm Mindy) is rain; any tropical storm winds should be confined to the coast or thunderstorms. With the approaching front and previous front stalled out over Georgia, conditions are not favorable for regeneration in the Atlantic. If you are in coastal GA/SC, the forecast tomorrow isn’t really any different: thunderstorms. Tropical storm warnings are possible, but really this is a minimal system and unless you’re right on the coast shouldn’t be a big deal unless you are really unlucky and something breaks that shouldn’t.

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