#Olympics storm update, AL90

Tropical Storm Nepartak took an unexpected turn to the south and intensified yesterday, but then turned back towards the northwest and aside from the jog in the track is still headed to make landfall near Sendai. But it remains a diffuse weak tropical storm, and in one sense impacts should be minimal. Well, except for that Olympics thing. Pink balloons are the venues …

click to embiggen.

Of course this has made outdoor events messy. Was watching the Women’s triathlon yesterday with the athletes running in the rain, which was probably better for them than the higher than normal temperatures over the last few days. Things should clear out tonight (Tokyo time) and be relatively rain free on the back side of the system.

As for AL90, it is currently just inland over coastal Georgia, such as it is. NHC is still marking it with a 10% chance of formation, mostly to cover the small possibility that a circulation center will drift or form over the Gulf Stream and meet the minimal requirements for a tropical system, and given them something to do. I’m not that worried about it.

Elsewhere, in the Atlantic nothing of potential with the dust and unfavorable winds inhibiting formation. There are three invest areas in the east and central Pacific, none near land. So I guess I’ll have to post something in the next day or so about the extreme temperatures and climate, and that’s gonna annoy about half or more of potential readers 😛

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