#Olympics #Typhoon, #Georgia Depressed (AL90)?

Tropical Storm Nepartak (WP112021) continues to threaten the Tokyo Olympics, although it’s mostly going to be a messy inconvenience for outdoor events rather than any serious threat. It’s unlikely any areas will experience even tropical storm force winds, much less typhoon (hurricane) conditions. Here’s the swath, this time coded with intensity:

click to embiggen.

The main risk is heavy downpours, which look to persist for several days as the storm stalls in the Sea of Japan.

The low pressure system off the northeastern coast of Florida (NOT a tropical wave, as one local weather dude kept saying last night) will continue to drift inland over Georgia today. NHC still has it tagged with a 30% chance of forming a depression as some convection might flare as it crosses the Gulf Stream, but that becomes doubtful as every hour goes by. That doesn’t mean the Northeast Florida/Georgia/South Carolina Low country won’t get some heavy rain in places and maybe a few wind gusts. Here’s the GFS forecast for mid-day today; it looks like most of the rain will be confined to right along the coast, and showers are already moving inshore as of 6:30am:

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