#Olympics #Typhoon, #China/#Shanghai Update (Sat 24 July 2021)

While no giant radioactive lizards have been sighted (yet), it does seem mother nature has it in for the Tokyo Olympics. Here is the current forecast damage swath:

Nepartak impact swath with Venues marked (pink balloon things). Click to embiggen.

At least this track keeps the worst away from Tokyo. There are two venues in the main risk zone based on this forecast, both football venues (soccer for you illiterate Americans 😛 ). The primary risk from Nepartak (which may not reach typhoon/hurricane strength) will be a lot of rain. Landfall is currently on track for Sendai, and of course to the excitement of monster fans everywhere, just north of the thousands of corroding tanks of radioactive water stored at the site of the Fukushima accident. A lot of rain isn’t great given the condition of the site, but better than a full blown typhoon.

A bit south, another typhoon is headed for landfall tomorrow. After side swiping Okinawa and Taiwan, Typhoon In-Fa is now forecast to impact the densely populated Hangzhou Bay area, which includes the Shanghai area.

Given the funnel shape of the bay, even though a decaying tropical storm it is possible that up to three meters (10 feet) of water could be pushed up into the Shaoxing area and up the Yangtze river toward Hangzhou:

Current impact estimates are topping $6 Billion US Dollars, which is a lot for a minimal hurricane/tropical storm landfall, but given the dense population and development, shape of the bay, and previous rainfall, not surprising.

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