#Olympics #Typhoon? West Pacific storms and Atlantic, um, something.

First up … as if Japan didn’t need another problem of Olympic proportions (sorry), an invest area off the coast might spin up and slam the main Island:

GFS Forecast for WP90. Click to embiggen.

Naturally, this the impact zone is near the damaged Fukushima power plant. This brings to mind the following meme …

Everybody wants to go to the Olympics …

Of course, it’s not funny, but in this business you have to laugh to keep from crying sometimes. On the somewhat positive side, Typhoon In-Fa so far hasn’t become as strong as forecast, and while it is hitting Miyako-jima and the far southern Ryuku islands with hurricane conditions, only sideswiped Okinawa, and looks to do the same to northern Taiwan, the main risk being heavy rains. By Sunday the storm should make landfall in Hangzhou province, China, as a minimal typhoon or tropical storm. Here’s the impact swath:

Nothing really to say about the yellow X and giant yellow blob on the NHC’s five day outlook. A low pressure system is expected to wander off the coast into an area that might maybe develop in to something. Not really anything to get excited about yet, although I suspect that won’t stop the usual suspects.

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