Threading the needle: #Okinawa, #Taiwan, #China, Atlantic Invest

Very different picture in the West Pacific this morning. Amazingly, while In-Fa (WP092021) is now forecast to the current forecast track to flirt with Saffir Simpson Category 4 status, it looks to “thread the needle” and while this isn’t great news for the southern Ryuku Islands (Miyako-jima, Ishigaki-shima), if this holds up it’s much better for Taiwan. The storm is moving away from Okinawa this morning US East coast time, and while there will be gust winds and rain, it should not be catastrophic unless something breaks that shouldn’t. Likewise, while there will be damage and disruption to Taipei and northern Taiwan, again the wind speeds should be below Typhoon (hurricane) force:

WP Storms Wed. Morning: click to embiggen.

For those who haven’t worn out their refresh key watching the US National Hurricane Center web site, you will notice a yellow blob just off the Georgia coast. No, it’s not a giant blob of pollen, it’s an area that NHC thinks has a 20% chance of becoming organized next weekend:

ZOMG! A Yellow Blob!

As usual, if NHC doesn’t have the magic words “Interests <somewhere> should <do something>”, (which it doesn’t in this case), the unless you are “somewhere” you don’t need to “do something.” An organized low may or may not form offshore by the weekend. Probably not, but if it does, we will have plenty of warning, so nothing to get excited about.

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