#Elsa evening update

NHC is still tracking Elsa as a tropical storm, but there have been no tropical storm force sustained winds in the last few hours. The center is over southwest Georgia now, and rain bands are being pushed up in to Georgia and soon SC … here is the regional radar composite:

MRMS Radar composite; click to embiggen

And here is the GOES East satellite view:

Satellite view; Infrared is on the left, Visual on the right as darkness falls …

Nothing has changed with respect to the potential hazards this evening – if anything, the wind damage risk is probably lower from the middle GA coast northward to Charleston. Still some chance for heavy rains, but I suspect totals will be under 3″ in most places. That can still cause some flooding (especially with saturated soils) so be careful if you have to go out in the storm path (and don’t if you can avoid it).

There are scattered reports of damage across North Florida, including a couple of tornado reports. In Georgia there was a radar indicated tornado in Bulloch County Georgia (Statesboro) and a funnel cloud seen from the same thunderstorm cell near Portal (Candler County). The low level velocity tracks are showing rotation, so there is definitely the potential for additional tornadic activity, and there is a watch in effect, so keep your weather radios armed. Otherwise, the earlier advice and forecasts are holding up well … see you in the morning!

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