System approaching #Georgia Coast today

TLDR: it doesn’t really matter much if the NHC starts advisories or raises warnings in terms of impacts, the physical effects are going to be about the same: rainy afternoon and overnight, “landfall” this evening. Maybe some localized street flooding with over an inch of rain, winds don’t look bad at all right now, maybe a bit higher in South Carolina, and you might see some gusts and branches down, that sort of thing.

Here’s the details … The system moving towards the Georgia coast hasn’t organized much overnight, so the National Hurricane Center hasn’t started official advisories or raised any warnings as of 6am. Here is what it looks like on satellite (water vapor band, with surface analysis map overlay so you can see where the “center” is located – the L symbol):

Water Vapor Band and surface analysis, 6am Monday

The Charleston radar (which is really in Hampton, SC, about half way between Charleston and Savannah) is showing the outer rain blobs (not really bands at this point if ever) approaching the coast:

Radar from “Charleston”: reflectivity on the left, velocity (wind speed) on the right,

At the moment the impacts of this thing don’t look so bad. Could get some heavy rain, totals of an inch or more in the Savannah/Hilton Head/Beaufort area. It’s moving fairly fast so while there is some potential for minor flooding, flash flooding isn’t too likely. Winds look well below tropical storm strength; if it does organize enough to reach depression criteria, the winds should stay confined to the coast (the islands) but even then not really a big threat. On the beaches there is a rip tide caution, and any time these things come ashore there is a chance of waterspouts or weak tornadoes (EF0/1). So keep your weather radio on just in case. Serious rain should kick in around noon, and be gone by tomorrow morning.

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