Hurricane Season Arriving …

Actually, it’s already here, and has been in the Indian Ocean (two bad storms hitting India) and there is a depression off of the Philippines and another trying to form, and a area of interest off of the west coast of Mexico. At least the Atlantic is quiet … nothing expected there over the next few days …

Formation probability for May 30- June 1st (click to embiggen)
Pacific View (click to embiggen)

As a reminder, now is the time to get your hurricane plan together – and remember hurricane (and severe weather) plans are a good idea inland as well as right on the coast. DHS/FEMA have a site (link) with lots of good advice and checklists on what to do. The big things I like to remind people of are to have a weather radio for alerts (especially tornadoes – the sirens aren’t designed to be heard everywhere, or in buildings, and often take several critical minutes to go off whereas the weather radios go off immediately because the weather service controls them; local emergency managers control the sirens). The other thing is to double check your insurance: especially flood insurance (link goes to previous rant). Once storms start to form it’s too late to do anything about that.

The current indications are this will be an average to slightly above average season – using the new normals. It will probably feel above average, but of course the numbers don’t matter, only the landfalls and near misses that trigger evacuations. People tell me they are afraid of hurricanes, but I think that’s somewhat misplaced. Although they can be incredibly destructive, hurricanes are actually one of the “better” disasters. First off we know where the risks are, and can plan for them. Second, and this is huge, you can see them coming and have days to prepare, unlike tornadoes where you may only have a few minutes of warning, if that. You, personally, can do a lot to reduce your risk and stress: have a plan, know where you will go if you need to evacuate (or have supplies laid in if you can safely stay). Have your insurance review. Ignore the breathless coverage and have an “information plan” (will do a post on that next week) so you don’t get stressed out by the hype. Then don’t worry about it until and unless you’re in a watch area – then do the plan. Otherwise, enjoy the summer!

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Season Arriving …

  1. We are new to you because a dear friend told us about you. 2 years ago we moved to St. Croix USVI and we experienced near misses and we are looking forward to following you and the information that you provide. Thank you for all you do.
    J. DeVaney


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