Subtropical storm #Ana in the #Atlantic

The US National Hurricane Center has started advisories on Subtropical Storm Ana. Here’s the impact swath based on the 5am ET Forecast:

Mostly of concern to shipping, aviation, and fish.

Although Ana has tropical storm force winds, it doesn’t quite meet the formal definition for a tropical storm, so NHC is using the term “subtropical”. I think that term is confusing, because a storms like Ana can have strong tropical storm force winds, and the term “quasi-tropical” would seem to fit better, but that’s what they use so we’re stuck with it.

In any event, it should already be moving away from Bermuda over the next few hours, , but it is such a large and disorganized system that Bermuda might get some tropical storm force winds. Along the US East Coast and Canadian Atlantic Provinces there will be waves and some rip currents, but that’s about it.

Elsewhere, there is a disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico, but it should move ashore over Texas before it becomes a depression. In the Bay of Bengal there is a weak system under observation but no objective guidance as of yet. So hurricane season in the Northern Hemisphere is underway. If you live near the coast, time to get ready (click here for checklists and tips from FEMA/DHS) , and remember inland winds and flooding are possible hundreds of miles from the coast, and most insurance is “frozen” when there are incoming storms (and flood insurance has a 30 day waiting period).

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