Hurricane season creeps closer

Tomorrow is hurricane awareness week in the US, and just in time a tropical storm has formed off the Pacific coast of Mexico … Tropical Storm Andres shouldn’t be a problem other than for shipping; it is forecast to remain a weak tropical storm for the next day or so then fade out by midweek …

Tropical Storm Andres – click to embiggen the first East Pacific Storm of the year.

NHC has this to say in their 11am advisory:

Andres is the earliest tropical storm on record in the eastern 
North Pacific basin, just beating out Adrian of 2017. 

There is a lot to talk about for hurricane season prep this year. One big change that National Weather Service is making this month across the whole range of their forecasts is updating their “climate normals” to reflect new data over the last 10 years. This has big implications for more than just hurricanes, but in that regard 14 storms is now considered a “normal” season rather than just 12. I’m working on a longer discussion about this, I have mixed feelings about how NHC is going about this.

For the Enki Blog, and particularly for Patreon supporters, some major upgrades are in store for this hurricane season. For starters, I’ve activated a new mapping system that will let Patreon supporters access dynamic real time maps of hurricanes, earthquakes, severe weather, and in the US, radar and lightning among other things. It’s a work in progress, but will hopefully be fun/interesting/terrifying depending on what is going on in the world …

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