US Winter Storm hits in Winter!

There is a typical winter storm forming up over the US, bringing gusty winds and rain to the Southeast, and snow to the Northeast. Because, um, it’s winter 😛 …

Surface map over satellite image … click to embiggen.

Fortunately there is enough other news that everyone other than that weather channel are too preoccupied with other “breaking” news to blow this out of proportion, although adjectives like “major” are being thrown around. But it’s a strong storm, so here’s that cool swiper thingee so you can see the radar and precipitation type by grabbing the pointer with your mouse (finger on a touch screen) and slide between views.

Slide left to see precip type (white-snow, blue=rain, cyan=ice_so_be_careful), slide right to see intensity.

The usual impacts from this kind of storm, nothing catastrophic in store if people use common sense (well, I can hope!). Tomorrow will be a messy start to the week, I see that some cities like New York are taking precautions like closing schools and shifting to on-line instruction (a sad consequence of COVID is kid’s don’t get snow days so much any more). There is another storm system hitting the Pacific as well, that has washed out a chunk of the Pacific Coast Highway (caution: link goes to insufferably preachy news source, but does have drone footage).

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