Busy in the South Pacific; Storm brewing over the US

We have three cyclones in the South Pacific, with two of them criss-crossing Fiji and one off of Australia headed towards New Caledonia …

Cyclone Ana is just past the main islands of Fiji, having passed over the capital and causing a lot of flooding. Right behind it is Cyclone 16, which may not reach hurricane status but will cause even further damage and misery. To the west is Cyclone Seventeen, which is headed towards the French territories of New Caledonia. It may reach major cyclone status before turning south towards the islands, is forecast to be a weakening tropical storm as it passes over the Loyalty Islands (the group of islands just to the right (east) of the “New Caledonia” label on this map).

Watching the developing Nor’easter on the US East Coast. It is windy here in Savannah this morning and rain should be moving by this afternoon, erasing the pretty blue skies. Be careful on bridges in the area this afternoon – the National Weather Service issued a special weather statement for the coastal GA/SC area, with winds expected to pick up to 35-40mph. Will try to do a post around lunchtime with the details …

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