Update on Various Stuff …

Doing some major end of year restructuring, with the ending of one era and the beginning of another and major changes in my funding and work environment coming to a head. Some announcements on that coming with the new year. While I think 2021 will present a lot of challenges for us all, and with the caveat to be careful what you wish for, a new year presents new opportunities …

Meanwhile, if you’re on twitter and not following #TarmacTheWeatherCat, you really can’t call yourself well informed about the weather.

#TarmacTheWeatherCat, resident supervisor at the Little Rock Weather Service Forecast Office (WSFO).

Funny, all of the chairs in my office look like that too … now Nicholas wants his own hashtag.

#CATastropheCatNicholas? Resident Deity at Enki Research …

In the TC world, there is a weak cyclone impacting Madagascar today, and there have been a few minor earthquakes around the globe, including a whole series of quakes along the south coast of Puerto Rico, causing some minor damage and a lot of stress in that hard hit area. Watching this carefully.

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