You Got The Fire Down Below …

The fires out west are epic – you can actually see the flames from the GOES satellite in geosynchronous orbit, 22,236 miles up … here is the color view:

Click to embiggen and animate …

Here is a static view zoomed in a bit:

Yes, those red patches are actually fire!

These fires, and their impacts, are a wicked combination of short term weather patterns, human development and “management” practices, the natural order of things (fires are a normal way nature cleans out the brush; some plants and animals that depend on them actually need periodic fires to survive), and probably a bit of climate change thrown in. Either way, it’s spectacular (in a bad way if you live out there).

2 thoughts on “You Got The Fire Down Below …

  1. My wife and I used to ranch American Bison in N.E. California. The worst part of this for agricultural people, who live and work in these fire ravaged areas, is the necessity to work outdoors in the smoke. I can remember working the ranch in smoke that was so heavy that I needed a filter mask and goggles to be outside for any length of time. Even our animals slowed their physical activity during these periods. The next time you buy produce or meat produced in the west, think of those who produced it for you, who continue to work, even under these miserable conditions.

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