The Thing In the Atlantic …

A few folks have asked about the press reports talking up a potential late storm in the Atlantic.  NHC has an invest area flagged, with a zero percent (yes, zero, nada, nothing, нуль) chance of formation in the next two days.  Beyond that it might spin up.  Here’s the Haetta/TC impact map based on pretty much sheer speculation and fairy dust …

There isn’t much for the models to go on at this stage, so don’t take this seriously.  Check back in maybe Tuesday to see if this is a real thing or not.  In the meanwhile today (Sunday, 11 November) is Veterans Day in the US, and Armistice Day elsewhere.  It is worth pondering the events of 100 years ago, with the end of the First World War.  In many ways that war is still being fought in places like Israel/Palestine, Kurdistan, across the Middle East, and even Ukraine.  Wars rarely end – they just tend to produce sequels – so please take a moment to think about those who serve in them.

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